Monday, August 14, 2017

Disney Finds at ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and Target!

     This past weekend we celebrated my son's 24th birthday 
(I can't believe he's 24!). We took him to eat fish & chips at a local British pub and then we headed to the mall.

Our first stop was at ThinkGeek 
(or "HinkGeek" as it says in my pic). :/

After being greeted by a life-size Batman...
(He looks a bit confused, doesn't he?)

...I ran into Iron Man.
(Isn't he missing his light-up heart thingy?)

I really liked these Death Star Mugs.

But I LOVED this
Baby Groot mug!

And I know Harry Potter isn't Disney
but aren't these plushies adorable?
(Even Voldemort!)

They also had some fantastic
backpacks like this
Jack Skellington one.
(Sorry the lighting is bad.)

And for those of you that remember
Kingdom Hearts,
they had Disney plush characters
dressed like they are in the game.

After ThinkGeek we hopped on over
to Hot Topic where they had...

some really cool Disney character
concert t-shirts like this Little Mermaid one
written in a rock band font.
The tees had a grungy faded look
and were incredibly soft.
(I would've snapped a few more pics of
the different t-shirts but it was tax-free weekend
and the store was crazy crowded.)

They also had a new assortment
of Disney character hair bows/barrettes.
(My favorite is the OUAT Captain Hook bow.)

And for those of you that wear contacts,
they had these cute contact lens cases.
The store I was at carried Stitch
and The Cheshire Cat.

I got so excited when I saw this totebag...

...and so sad when I saw this phone case.
(Because it didn't fit my iPhone.)

From there, we hopped across the way
to BoxLunch.

I was immediately met by every Disney lovers dream.
This Mickey Mouse ice cream cone shirt,
Mickey purse, and Mickey water bottle
are definitely on my Christmas wish list.

And then my list got even longer.
(Can't be "The Disney Diner"
without Disney stuff in my kitchen.)

And then I turned to my left
and spotted a whole Beauty and The Beast section!

And then I saw this shirt.
(Too much lemonade, Mickey?)

And for all you Star Wars fans,
they've got you covered with this
Death Star tea pot (Do you think Darth drinks tea?)
and this Storm Trooper waffle maker.

They also had a Death Star toaster.
(I should've checked if it imprints anything
on the toast.)

We made one final stop at Target
where I spotted...

This beautiful sparkly clutch that has Snow White
on one side and The Evil Queen on the other.

And speaking of evil,
they had this 4-pc set of Disney Villain shot glasses.

But if you prefer to drink with the girls,
there was another set featuring the Disney Princesses.

And if you think you might need a bigger glass,
they had these jumbo coffee mugs.

They've got POP! Figure mugs now?
I'm already out of cabinet space. :(

     Well, that's it for our birthday trip to the mall. I hope you enjoyed coming along with us and seeing all our Disney finds.

Until next time,

- Red

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