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Beaches & Cream: No Way Jose Ice Cream Sundae Recipe (with how-to video)

If you like chocolate and peanut butter then you'll love this recipe!
It's the "No Way Jose" Ice Cream Sundae from Beaches & Cream at Disney's Beach Club Resort.
Layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream
drowned in hot fudge and homemade peanut butter sauce.
Can you say YUM??

Beaches & Cream: No Way Jose Ice Cream Sundae
*serves 1 (or 2 if someone can persuade you to share)

Peanut Butter Sauce Ingredients:

1/3 cup water
1/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup creamy peanut butter

Peanut Butter Sauce Directions:

Pour water into a saucepan and heat on medium-high. Add in sugar, stirring well to dissolve. Bring to a boil for 1 minute then remove from heat. Spoon in the peanut butter. Whisk until you have a creamy mixture that resembles caramel sauce. Set aside.

No Way Jose Sundae Ingredients:

2 scoops chocolate ice cream
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/3 cup hot fudge sauce
1/3 cup peanut butter sauce (recipe above)
whipped cream
chocolate chips
peanut butter chips
maraschino cherry

No Way Jose Sundae Directions:

Spread half of the hot fudge sauce into the bottom of your ice cream dish or bowl. Layer with half of the (warm) peanut butter sauce. Place 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream on top of the sauces. The 3 scoops of vanilla go next. Drizzle the remaining hot fudge and peanut butter sauce over the ice cream. Now pile on a generous helping of whipped cream. Garnish with chocolate and peanut butter chips and finish off with a cherry. Wasn't that easy?? Now dig in!

***Click below to watch this recipe being made step-by-step on The Disney Diner's YouTube Channel. And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so you can be updated on future episodes and recipes.***

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Disney Parks "Buttons" Dooney & Bourke Collection

The new "Buttons" pattern was designed by Donna, a member of Disney's Design Group. She wanted to create a trend pattern that included new and classic Disney characters that we all love. Every bag is unique and it's fun to find the perfect shape and print shapement for you!




"Frankenweenie" Official Trailer

In Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, young Victor Frankenstein conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences. Click below to watch the official trailer from Disney:

    Frankenweenie is a computer animated remake of Tim Burton's 1984 live-action short of the same name. It features the voice talents of: Martin Landau (Ed Wood), Martin Short (Santa Clause 3), Winona Ryder (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands), Catherine O'hara (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Christopher Lee (Dark Shadows, Hugo), Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob) and featuring Charlie Tahan (Charlie St. Cloud) as Victor Frankenstein.

  Frankenweenie opens October 5, 2012. Until then you can check out the official site HERE.

New "Maleficent" Set Photos of Angelina Jolie Flying

New set photos have emerged from Disney's Maleficent showing Angelina Jolie hoisted in the air by some type of blue screen suspension system (which will be digitally removed in editing) giving the effect of flying.

And here's a peek at King Stefan and his royal army:

Maleficent is set to be released in theaters in Disney 3D on March 14, 2014.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finally we have the "Be Our Guest" Restaurant Menu!!

Like many of you, I have been anxiously awaiting the menu for the soon to be open Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. And now it's here!

   The restaurant which seats over 500 guests will be open as a quick service during daytime hours then switch over to a table service for evenings. The quick-service will differ slightly from traditional counter service as you will be able to place your order at guest-activated terminals (self-order) then take a seat in one of the three massive dining rooms as you wait for your food to be delivered to you on real china (no plastic or paper here). For those of you paying with cash or needing special dietary requests you will still have the option of placing your order with a live cashier. During dinner, regular table service procedures will apply.

Now we invite you to relax,
let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents...
your menu.

LUNCH MENU (quick service):

Tuna Nocoise salad

Croque Monsieur sandwich (carved ham, Gruyere cheese, bechamel and pommes frites (French fries)

Carved turkey on a warm baguette with Dijon mayonnaise

Grilled steak sandwich with garlic butter spread

Braised pork

Vegetable quiche

Quinoa, shallot and chive salad

DINNER MENU (table service):


Charcuterie plate with cured meats and sausages, mussels steamed in white wine

French onion soup

Potato leek soup

Salad with champagne vinaigrette

Salad trio with three mini tastes of roasted beet, raisins and orange; green beans, tomatoes and roasted shallots; watermelon, radish and mint


Thyme-scented pork rack chop with au gratin pasta

Rotisserie rock hen with roasted fingerling potatoes

Pan-seared salmon in leek fondue

Grilled strip steak with pommes frites (French fries)

Sauteed shrimp and scallops with veggies in puff pastry with creamy lobster sauce


Strawberry creem cheese cupcake

Triple chocolate cupcake

Chocolate cream puff

Passion-fruit cream puff

KIDS MENU (ages 9 and under):


Carved turkey sandwich

Roasted pulled pork

Mickey meatloaf

Seared mahi-mahi

Whole-grain macaroni topped with marinara and mozzarella


Grilled steak

Grilled fish of the day

Whole-grain macaroni

Guests can begin making reservations this August (no exact date has been announced) with the restaurant opening just in time for the holiday season. Keep checking back here for updates!

Make way for Disney's "Into the Woods" Movie.

Warner Bros. has announced they are shelving the film project The Thin Man which was set to star Johnny Depp and Director Rob Marshall (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides). This setback allows Rob Marshall to move forward with Disney in the production of Into the Woods, a film adaptation of the classic 1987 Broadway musical written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine.

    Into the Woods entertwines the stories of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack & the Beanstalk in a dark and sometimes gruesome tale of morality and consequences. James Lapine (the original writer) is set to adapt the two-act musical to screen. After reading the plot on Wikipedia, I'm assuming there will be some major changes in the script to make it slightly more Disney-like.

    No actors have been cast and no date has been set for release. Stay tuned for updates on this and other Disney productions in the works.


Disney's Art of Animation Resort: "Cars" Wing and Room (Videos)

Our friends over at have two awesome videos on YouTube featuring walk-through tours of the "Cars" wing and rooms at the all-new Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World. Click below to view now:

The "Cars" Family Suites are available for booking by calling 407-W-DISNEY or online at

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disney Merchandise is now at Hot Topic!

Check out all the new Disney merchandise at Hot Topic:

Like this Monsters, Inc. tee for only $9.99
(was $22.50)

or this The Little Mermaid shirt for $9.99
(was $22.50)

Here's a really cool Mickey Tuxedo Tee

And check out this one for all the Kingdom Hearts fans.
$20.50 - $24.50

They even have accessories
like these cool
$12.50 for 2 pair

And don't you just love these Pop! Figures.
$12.50 each

You can check out all of these items on or by visiting your local Hot Topic store. Happy shopping!!

Red, White & Blue Tie-Dye Cupcakes Recipe

Ready for the 4th of July?
Make these festive cupcakes for your family this holiday
for a sweet and patriotic treat.

Red, White and Blue 4th of July Cupcakes
*makes 24 cupcakes

Cupcake Ingredients:

2 white cake mixes
6 eggs
vegetable or canola oil
Red food coloring (gel or paste food colors work best for the most vibrant colors)
Blue food coloring (I used Wilton brand gel food color for both: No-Taste Red & Royal Blue)
White or 4th of July-themed cupcake liners

Cupcake Directions:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Prepare cake mixes according to package directions, adding the specified amount of eggs, oil and water. Divide the batter into three bowls. Leave 1 bowl plain white. Color the 2nd bowl with the blue gel until it is the desired color. Do the same for the 3rd bowl with the red gel.

Place your paper liners into 2 cupcake pans. Spoon the plain white batter 1/3 of the way up into the liners. Next, spoon the blue on top of the white, also 1/3 of the way. Finally spoon the red layer into the last 1/3 of the cupcake liner. Place in oven and bake at 350 degrees for 15 - 18 minutes. Remove from oven when done and place on cooling racks.

Red, White & Blue Buttercream Icing
*makes a double batch

Icing Ingredients:

2 sticks butter, softened
2 cups Crisco Vegetable shortening
14 cups powdered sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Red food coloring gel or paste
Blue food coloring gel or paste
Optional: red, white and blue sprinkles or candies

Icing Directions:

Place the softened butter and Crisco into a large mixing bowl. Add in the vanilla and blend on medium until creamy. Slowly add in the powdered sugar, 1 - 2 cups at a time, blending well after each addition. (If you don't have a mixer large enough for this then split the recipe and make 1 batch at a time.) After all of the powdered sugar has been mixed in, the icing will be very thick. Thin out by adding milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, then blending on medium speed. It may take 6 - 10 tablespoons to do this.

When the icing is spreadable, divide it into three large bowls. Leave 1 bowl white. Add a generous amount of blue food coloring to the 2nd bowl and mix well with a spatula. Do the same for the 3rd bowl with the red.

Spoon the icing into 3 cake decorating bags and fit with Wilton Open Star Tip 1M (If you don't have these items, you can simply use gallon-size Ziploc bags and snip off the ends to make icing bags. They won't have the star-shape but they'll still look great.).

Take a cooled cupcake and make a white ring around the edge with the white frosting.

Next, make a smaller circle within the white one with the blue icing.

Now top off the blue with a small red rosette.

Now finish off with embellishments like sprinkles or these festive Wilton candies I found at my local Walmart.

Time to take a bite and watch the fireworks.


Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm glad Toy Story 3 didn't end this way...

We were driving on the freeway yesterday
when we came across this sight:

Can you see him?

Yes, it's our favorite cowboy, Woody.
Maybe this is a scene from Toy Story 4: Lotso's Revenge?

iPhone/iPad App Review: Field Guide for Fireworks Photography

The first time I decided I wanted to snap better-than-average pictures of the fireworks at Disney World, I scoured the internet taking notes of shutter and aperture settings, studying other photographers' samples and setup positions. I then took this information and wrote it down on index cards and tucked them away in my camera bag. Right before Wishes or IllumiNations I'd pull out the card and program my camera. It was a bit of a task seeing how it was dark out and I had to focus my trusty little flashlight on my deck of index cards. Don't laugh. Ok, you can laugh. I probably looked pretty silly.

But now "there's an app for that". With the Field Guide for Fireworks Photography the notes are already done for you. It provides you with quick reference to setup, gear, examples and composition.

The Gear button will give you a list of items needed like filters and tripods.

The Composition button gives you great ideas and samples of how to compose breathtaking shots, whether shooting fireworks at Disney or your home town's 4th of July display.

The Examples button shows you photography samples (all from Walt Disney World) with some detailing shutter and aperture settings.

Finally, The Field Guide button is like having all those index cards I fumbled with in the dark, except they're well-organized in one handy place. It is a checklist of everything you need to do to capture the perfect shot from ISO settings to manual focusing.

I think this is great app to have installed on your iPhone or iPad and leave the index cards behind (besides mine got wet on Splash Mountain). And the best part it's only $0.99 in the App Store.

I am not affiliated with Field Guide for Fireworks Photography nor have been compensated for this review.

Movie Review of Disney-Pixar's "Brave"

I saw Brave this past weekend and thought it was a great movie although I didn't get that "magical" feeling like when I first saw The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin in theaters. I remember having a similar feeling when I saw Pocahontas and Mulan, something was missing.

The elegant and sophisticated Queen Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson) attempts to teach her feisty and rebellious daughter, Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), how to be a proper princess but Merida wants nothing of it and would rather spend her days blazing through the woods on her trusty steed Angus or shooting targets with her bow and arrows.

The time comes when Queen Elinor and King Fergus (Billy Connelly) decide Merida should marry for the good of the land and they hold a competition with the trophy being the princess' hand in marriage. Merida enters the archery competition and wins, embarassing the suitors and her mother. Queen Elinor scolds the girl and throws her bow into the fire. Merida, hurt by this gesture, flees the castle on Angus and heads off into the woods where she falls into a circle of mystical stone carvings. The magical will-o'-the-wisps lure her deeper into the forest to a woodcutter's cottage. The woman she encounters is in fact a witch (Julie Walters) and Merida asks her to cast a spell that will change the queen. The witch does as requested but not without consequences (I won't tell you to avoid spoiling the plot twist). Merida must then hastily make things right or let her family suffer forever. In the end, she changes not only her own fate but the fate of her loved ones and country as well.

Brave is an epic adventure that will captivate adults as well as children. I will give a fair warning for those of you with toddlers/smaller children. There is a lot of dialogue and it's not a laugh-a-minute type of movie. I noticed quite a few smaller children being escorted out by parents due to the inability to keep their attention. Also, if your children are wary of frightening scenes, please be advised there are quite a few times when a bear's gaping mouth and sharp teeth are full-screen. Several toddlers began crying during these moments as well (I can only imagine what the reaction was for the audience watching the 3D version in the theater next door to us).

On the other hand, for those of you with slightly older children, it does have a mix of action-packed scenes as well as crude or rude humor that kids love. Not to mention Merida's mischievous and dessert-loving triplet brothers, Harris, Hubert and Hamish. They are absolutely rotten and adorable at the same time.

Brave is set in the Highlands of Scotland, making for breathtaking scenes so realistic I kept forgetting I was watching a computer-animated film. The animation is visually satisfying from the details of Merida's copper coils to the rich landscape. There is a moment when the princess is atop a mountain drinking from a waterfall and you just think to yourself: "How is this not real?". I loved the culture of this film, that is one thing you can always count on, Disney did their homework. From the tradition of the Highland games to the clothing to the cuisine, you are immersed in medieval Scotland.

I give this film 4 out of 5 Mickey heads on the Disney movie scale.
ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº

Friday, June 22, 2012

Watch the Newest Episode of The Disney Diner: PB & J Milkshake from 50s Primetime Cafe

Check out the newest episode of The Disney Diner on YouTube featuring the recipe for the extremely popular PB & J Milkshake from 50s Primetime Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Click below to watch now. Enjoy!

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FamilyFun Magazine Subscription $3.99!! Today Only Deal!!

Today only, save 66% off a yearly subscription to FamilyFun Magazine. It is packed full of crafts, recipes, activities and ideas that will keep your family busy all year long. Click the link below and you'll see it offered for $11.95. Place it in your shopping cart then enter promo code 5879 and watch it drop to only $3.99.

Fri, Jun 22, Subscribe to FamilyFun Magazine, just $3.99/year (66% off) from! Use Promo Code: 5879

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Free Codes for 50 Disney Movie Rewards Points

Our friends over at Chip & Company have posted 2 (two) codes to receive 50 FREE Disney Rewards Points. Thanks Chip!

Go to the site:

Log in.

Enter this code first: M1D179FJ391K

Then enter this code: M1D17NF74NDA

Your balance should now be increased by 50 points.

First Set Photos of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Less than 24 hours after Disney released the first image of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent for the movie of the same name, new set photos have just emerged. Take a look below:

By the modest wardrobe and location, I'm assuming these shots are set sometime during Maleficent's backstory before she became the evil villainess that would eventually curse the infant princess, Aurora.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to see this movie. It's a long way off with a release date of March 14, 2014, so in the meantime I will keep you updated with any and all information I can get my hands on. Make sure to keep checking back for updates and if you want to read Tuesday's post with the official Maleficent photo click here: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent (photo)