Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Frankenweenie Early Screening Review

Last night, we attended an early screening of 'Frankenweenie' and let me just say that it was phenomenal. Tim Burton has done it again! I don't want to give away any spoilers so I'll just give a quick recap and review.

   We arrived at the theater at about 5:15 p.m. and asked a movie attendant where to go and what to do. He  pointed to a roped area where the line would form and said that only 100 would be allowed into the theater, regardless of how many tickets were issued. So we rushed to the food court, grabbed a bite to eat and raced back - we were the second family in line. But it was a good thing because the queue filled up right after we were in place.

  A security guard and Disney Studios rep came to the queue to announce that they would be taking up all phones and electronic devices before we were allowed to enter the theater. I had already been given fair warning by a cousin who attended the 'Brave' screening (thanks Jacob!) about this procedure so we left our phones in the car.

  At 7 p.m. they escorted us down the hall to the theater entrance where we were checked by security guards with wands (seriously!) and all bags/purses were searched. Then we were given our 3D glasses and welcomed. lol

  Once we got inside, we were entertained by DJ Wendy and DJ Tina from RadioDisney. They hyped up the audience with a few Disney songs and had the kids join up front (that 'Calling all the Monsters' song really sticks in your head). Then they had a few rounds of Disney trivia where they played a Disney song and you had to name which Disney movie it came from. Winners got a 'Frankenweenie' poster.

  Finally it was time for the film to begin, and everyone opened the 3D glasses. I have to say they are much smaller than expected. They were a little snug on my hubby's head and he has an average-size head, not too big or anything. My younger son had to put them on under his regular glasses because they wouldn't fit over them. I wondered if they were child-sized, but no, we all had the same glasses. They were green with stitching and the movie title on both sides.

  Since it was a screening, there were no previews, it just started right up. It's a black and white film and the 3D effects really stand out. I loved it as soon as it started. We had watched the original 1984 short film it is based on earlier in the day to refresh our memories and although it is slightly different, some portions of the movie are done exactly scene-for-scene like the original. It was quite impressive.

  The plot in a nutshell is this: Victor's beloved dog and only friend, Sparky, is in a horrible accident and dies. He conducts a science experiment to bring him back to life and all seems well until some other kids get wind of this and wish to re-animate their own pets. Let's just say things go awry and it's up to Victor and Sparky to save the town of New Holland.

  I really liked the additional characters and expanded storyline. My two favorite new characters are Edward Gore (voiced by Atticus Shaffer) and Elsa Van Helsing (Winona Ryder). Love those names, right?

  The stop-motion animation is incredible, it's Tim Burton at his best. It took me back to the feeling I had when I first saw 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'The Nightmare before Christmas', it's pure magic. The story itself is so simplistic - the love between a boy and his dog - Victor and Sparky. It resonates with all of us. Who hasn't felt that way about his or her most loyal companion? And Sparky, I loved Sparky - he's a combination of two of my dogs. I could see them in his every move and expression. As I'm sure you will see one of your pets in him as well.

  The film ended with a well-deserved applause from the audience. If you go to the movies this weekend, see this, regardless of age and even if you have grown children or none at all. We took our two sons ages 19 and 17 and they loved it just the same. It is a feel-good movie that is sure to become a beloved Disney classic.

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