Friday, September 28, 2012

Watch The Disney Diner featuring "The King" Cupcake from Pop Century Resort

Check out the newest episode of The Disney Diner! This week's show features the recipe for "The King" Cupcake from Disney's Pop Century Resort. This Elvis tribute dessert is a rich dark chocolate cupcake, filled with banana pudding, topped with a whipped peanut butter frosting, garnished with bits of candied bacon then finished off with a drizzle of chocolate! It's a treat fit for a "King"!!

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  1. They look fantastic! thanks so much for the "how to"! I do have a question, after you complete the cupcakes with the frosting and all, do they have to be kept refrigerated because of the pudding inside, or are they ok to be stored on the counter or in a container???

    1. You're very welcome! If they are going to be eaten in a few hours then you can leave them out but since the pudding has milk in it, I'd suggest refrigerating them if any longer. Hope that helps! ;)