Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day!! Take this Disney Movie Quotes in Pirate Speak Quiz

In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" here are a few famous Disney movie quotes in "pirate speak". See if you recognize them and the movie they come from (answers are posted below):


1. "Thar's a snake in me boots."

2. "Just keep swimm.'"

3. "Remember, always let ye conscious be ye guide."

4. "All ye need be a wee faith, trust 'n pixiedust."

5. "Thar's no way I be kissin' a frog 'n eatin' a bug in th' same day."

6. "Magic Mirror on th' wall, who be th' fairest one 'o all?"

7. "Off wit' their heads!"

8. "A dream be a wish ye heart makes when ye're fast asleep."

9. "I be surrounded by idiots."

10. "Oi, ten thousand years gunna gift ye such a crick 'n th' neck."

11. "'Tis a din'lehopper. Humans use these wee babies to straighten their hair out."

12. "Enchanted? Ha, ha, ha. Who said anythin' 'bout th' castle bein' enchanted?"

13. "I be watchin' ye Wazowski. Always watchin'. Always."

14. "Lay th' secret on me 'o scurvy dog's red fire."

15. "I be famished, Mother. I be famished."

16. "Ye're a sad, strange wee scurvy dog 'n ye have me pity."

17. "I don't be knowin' whar I be, I don't be knowin' what's goin' on. I reckon I lost somebody but I, I ain't remember."

18. "But before th' sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her fin'er on th' spindle 'o a spinnin' wheel 'n die."

19. "I be real! I be a real jim laddie!"

20. "But why be th' spiced rum gone?"


1. Toy Story

2. Finding Nemo

3. Pinocchio

4. Peter Pan

5. The Princess and the Frog

6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. Cinderella

9. Lion King

10. Aladdin

11. The Little Mermaid

12. Beauty and the Beast

13. Monsters, Inc.

14. The Jungle Book

15. 101 Dalmatians

16. Toy Story

17. Finding Nemo

18. Sleeping Beauty

19. Pinocchio

20. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I hope you enjoyed this little quiz. You get 1 doubloon for every right answer and you can use those doubloons on absolutely nothing! LOL But at least you feel Disney smart, right? Well, post your scores in the comments below.

I woe ye have a jolly day!!


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