Monday, August 20, 2012

CAUTION: If you booked "Be Our Guest" Restaurant on the Automated System Today...

If you're an obsessive early-planner like me, you probably tried to call into Disney Dining all day to book your Be Our Guest Restaurant reservations. AND you probably got a busy signal or a recording telling you "all circuits are busy, please..." After several hours I finally got through to the automated system and booked my two res. I immediately knew something was wrong because it never asked for my cc info to guarantee the res. This feeling was confirmed by many of you on Twitter and Facebook (thanks for that!).

  So I began my second round of redial-hang up-redial-hangup-redial... After about an hour I got the normally much-loved Disney music and waited for another 25 minutes before I got a live person. The CM talked to me for a bit then transferred me over to Dine Help where another CM (she was awesome) began rebooking my two res. That's right, they are unable to just add your cc info to the existing res so they have to book a new res then go back and cancel the originals.

   While I was on with her I asked if I hadn't called in would the non-guaranteed res be cancelled, she said "yes" at some point the system would sweep out the ones without the cc so it was a good thing I called back. She gave me two new reservation #s for the cc guaranteed res and then gave me two cancellation #s for the old. The whole call lasted a little over an hour. As soon as I got off the phone I checked online to make sure they were there and all info was correct - it was. :)

   So, if any of you made reservations through the automated system (for Be Our Guest Restaurant) like I did and it did NOT require a credit card to hold the res, then you MUST call back in to have this resolved. I would hate for you to lose out on your reservations because of this issue. I highly suggest calling back TODAY because the system is known to do its sweeps at midnight. If you get a busy signal, just keep trying.

Good Luck to all!!

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