Monday, June 25, 2012

iPhone/iPad App Review: Field Guide for Fireworks Photography

The first time I decided I wanted to snap better-than-average pictures of the fireworks at Disney World, I scoured the internet taking notes of shutter and aperture settings, studying other photographers' samples and setup positions. I then took this information and wrote it down on index cards and tucked them away in my camera bag. Right before Wishes or IllumiNations I'd pull out the card and program my camera. It was a bit of a task seeing how it was dark out and I had to focus my trusty little flashlight on my deck of index cards. Don't laugh. Ok, you can laugh. I probably looked pretty silly.

But now "there's an app for that". With the Field Guide for Fireworks Photography the notes are already done for you. It provides you with quick reference to setup, gear, examples and composition.

The Gear button will give you a list of items needed like filters and tripods.

The Composition button gives you great ideas and samples of how to compose breathtaking shots, whether shooting fireworks at Disney or your home town's 4th of July display.

The Examples button shows you photography samples (all from Walt Disney World) with some detailing shutter and aperture settings.

Finally, The Field Guide button is like having all those index cards I fumbled with in the dark, except they're well-organized in one handy place. It is a checklist of everything you need to do to capture the perfect shot from ISO settings to manual focusing.

I think this is great app to have installed on your iPhone or iPad and leave the index cards behind (besides mine got wet on Splash Mountain). And the best part it's only $0.99 in the App Store.

I am not affiliated with Field Guide for Fireworks Photography nor have been compensated for this review.

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