Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Travel Tip: An easy way to locate your luggage

     The night before our first trip to Disney I was packing our navy blue luggage when I thought to myself, "How many other pieces of navy blue luggage will be spinning around in that carousel?" I went to our craft closet and found some bright yellow VeggieTales ribbon, I then cut a piece for each of our bags and tied it on the handles.

     I am so glad I did because that bright yellow made it very easy to locate our luggage among the other 60 pieces of navy blue luggage! And even though it has been 7 years since our first trip and the boys are definitely out of the VeggieTales stage, we still like to use the same ribbon because it reminds us of our very first trip to Disney World. :)

    So, I highly suggest finding some kind of distinctive ribbon, maybe even Disney-themed or red and white polka-dot (for Minnie) and tying it to each of your pieces of luggage. Make sure it's not too long, you wouldn't want it getting stuck on the carousel, so maybe just a 12-inch piece or so. Tie it in a secure knot on the handle or somewhere obvious so that you can see it easily. And you can even give your kids the job of spotting the luggage with the ribbons at the airport baggage claim.

   I hope this tip has helped in your travel planning, let us know some of your travel tips in the comments section below.

   Happy Planning!!