Friday, December 23, 2011

My Top 25 Christmas Movies List: #3 Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman (1969)

   This animated TV special tells the story of our favorite snowman, Frosty and how he came to life one day.

   It's the day before Christmas and a schoolteacher has hired a bumbling magician, Professor Hinkle, to entertain her class. When he fails to pull a rabbit out of his top hat, he gets angry and throws it away. The rabbit (named Hocus-Pocus) climbs out of the hat and hops away. Professor Hinkle tries to chase him down.

   Once school has let out for the day, the children head out to play in the snow. A little girl named Karen and a few other children build a snowman and call him "Frosty". Suddenly a gust of wind blows the Professor Hinkle's top hat towards the children, Karen picks it up and places it on Frosty causing him to come to life and proclaim, "Happy Birthday!" Karen realizes that the hat must be magic but just then Hinkle appears to reclaim his hat and Frosty becomes inanimate again.

   The children beg Hinkle to let Frosty have the hat but he refuses, wanting to keep the magic for himself. He storms off with the hat and Hocus-Pocus, but the rabbit manages to escape, taking the hat with him. He returns the hat to the children and with it, they bring Frosty back to life.

   Frosty and the children enjoy their time together until they notice the thermometer rising. Frosty is afraid he will melt so the children decide to send him on a train to the North Pole where it's cold. They parade through town as they make their way to the train station. When they arrive they are sad to discover that they cannot afford a ticket for Frosty. So they sneak him, Karen and Hocus-Pocus onto a refrigerated boxcar but little do they know that Professor Hinkle has also boarded the train in an attempt to get his hat back.

   While on their journey north, Karen begins freezing so Frosty takes her and they jump off the train. Hinkle tries to jump too but crashes into a tree and a pile of snow falls on him. Hocus-Pocus speaks to the forest animals and asks them to build a campfire to warm Karen but Hinkle shows up and blows it out. Hocus hops off to get help from Santa Claus. Meanwhile Frosty and Karen escape and find a greenhouse where they both enter to keep her warm. Once again, they are found by Hinkle and he locks them in.

   Hocus arrives with Santa but it is too late. They find Karen in tears next to Frosty, who is now just a puddle of water. Santa explains that Frosty is made of special Christmas snow that he can never completely melt. Just then, a gust of cold winter air blows into the greenhouse, restoring Frosty to his snowman form. Hinkle arrives and demands that his top hat be returned. Santa steps in and tells him that if he takes it from Frosty his name will forever be removed from his Christmas list. He also tells Hinkle that if he writes "I am really sorry for what I did to Frosty" a hundred-zillion times, Santa will leave a gift in his stocking so Hinkle runs home to begin writing his apologies.

   Santa then places the hat back upon Frosty's head and he awakens to life again. They celebrate then take Karen home. Frosty has to go live at the North Pole with Santa but promises Karen he will be back next winter. The film ends showing the following Christmas, as all the characters are reunited and parading through the town singing the "Frosty the Snowman" song. Frosty climbs back into Santa's sleigh and proclaims, "I'll be back on Christmas Day!"

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