Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Top 25 Christmas Movies List: #25 Annabelle's Wish

Annabelle's Wish (1997)

    Annabelle's Wish was one of my favorite Christmas videos to watch with my sons when they were younger. It's a heartfelt story of an orphan boy that became mute after a tragic barn fire. He is being raised by his grandfather, a poor farmer. A young calf named Annabelle is born and Santa decides she'll make a perfect gift for the boy and he also gives all the farm animals the gift of speaking for that one day. Annabelle is told that if she is good, she can ask Santa for another gift when he comes back the following Christmas.

    So over the year, Annabelle and the boy become best of friends and all the while she is dreaming of asking Santa for the one thing she desires, to fly like his reindeer.

   Meanwhile, the boy's wicked aunt, decides she wants the boy for herself and hires a deceitful lawyer to help her take him away from his loving grandfather. Thinking that the boy would be better off with her, he willingly gives her custody until the boy can speak again. She arrives on Christmas Eve to take the boy but the farm animals foil her plans and dump her car in a nearby pond, stranding her for the night.

   Later, Santa shows up to grant Annabelle her one wish, which to everyone's surprise is not to fly, as she has always dreamed of. Instead she wishes to give her gift to the boy and asks Santa to restore his voice. Santa explains that she will never be able to speak again and she selflessly agrees. Santa grants her wish and the boy is now able to speak and tell his grandfather that he wishes to stay with him on the farm.

   Years later, the boy, now grown and married still has his beloved Annabelle living in the barn. Old and feeble, she wanders off into a field to die but Santa shows up just in the nick of time and grants her the one wish she sacrificed for best friend. He transforms her into a beautiful young reindeer and adds her to his sleigh team.

  Annabelle's Wish is voiced by numerous actors such as: Randy Travis, Jim Varney, Cloris Leachman, and Jerry Van Dyke. Although a little sad at times, it is a wonderful story about selfless giving and love that represents the true meaning of Christmas.


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