Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Travel Tip: Disney World Guest Assistance Card

     Disney World's Guest Assistance Card is available to guests with non-apparent, special-assistance needs (i.e., autism, heart condition, etc.). Depending on a guest's needs, this card may provide a variety of assistance such as allowing guests to wait in a shaded area, or providing admission to attractions through auxiliary entrances, where applicable. However, the intention of this card has never been to bypass attractions wait times, or to be used by guests with a noticeable service need.

   Guests with an apparent mobility concern, such as guests using wheelchairs, canes, crutches, etc., or guests with service animals, do not need a Guest Assistance Card. These guests should be directed to follow the attraction entrance procedures for guests using wheelchairs, as outlined in the Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities.

   A guest with a specific need for assistance can request a Guest Assistance Card at any theme park guest relations location. To accommodate the individual needs of guests, Disney asks that all guests discuss their assistance requests with a guest relations cast member prior to the card being issued (a doctor's written note is not required but it can help the process). The guest will be directed to present the Guest Assistance Card to the greeter or first available cast member at the attraction and await further directions for their experience.

  For additional information about services for guests with disabilities at the Walt Disney World Resort, please call:

General Information: 407-824-4321 (voice), 407-827-5141 (TTY)

Resort Reservations: 407-W-DISNEY (voice), 407-939-7670 (TTY)


How do guests with disabilities get a card so they don't have to wait in line? The Guest Assistance Card is available to guests with a non-apparent disability. The card is not intended to allow guests to avoid waiting in line, Based upon the need, the guest may be offered a secluded place to wait, but the guest should still expect that there will be a wait to experience the attraction.

Do I need a doctor's note? No. A guest does not need to bring specific documentation for a health care provider in order to request a Guest Assistance Card.

Do guests in wheelchairs need to pick up one of these cards? No. The Guest Assistance Card is not intended for guests with an apparent disability, such as a guest riding in a wheelchair.

Will I have to stop at the guest relations desk of each park I visit? No. Once you pick up your Guest Assistance Card it will be valid at each park you visit for the length of your stay.

Where can I find the Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities? You can pick one up at any Disney-owned resort and theme park guest relations desk. If you'd like to view and print one now, click HERE to be taken to DisneyWorld.com's Guests with Disabilities information page. Scroll down to the "Printable Guides" on the lower right. Select the link for the park you are visiting. A pdf file will appear in a new window that you can save or print out.

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