Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party!!! Decorations

    Here are some of the decorations we had at our annual Halloween party last Saturday night. I've also included the information on where we purchased or how we made them.

Table Setting

Tablecloth - Target
Plates & Napkins - Target
Goblets - Dollar Tree
Light-up Misting Cauldron - Walmart

"Ghost in Mirror"

    For the "Ghost in Mirror" I simply cut pieces of plastic wrap from my kitchen and formed it into the shape of a person and stuck it to my dining room mirror. No adhesive of any kind is needed, it simply clings. Adding the arms gave it an eerie "reaching out" effect.

"Treat Bar"

   For my "Treat Bar", I simply draped black netting (I already owned) over the bar (I've seen similar netting in the Halloween section of my local Target). I then added bat-shaped garland (Target) and several mini-pumpkins.


    For our porch, we added a Scream door cover (Party City) and Halloween doormat (Dollar Tree). The "Enter If You Dare" tape wrapped around the pillar was also purchased at Dollar Tree.


  Here is a closer look at the door poster. Right above it, we added a sound-activated spider (Dollar General). It has frightened everyone that has entered or exited our house this week (including me). :D


    We hung a wooden skeleton sign (another Dollar Tree purchase) and draped spider webs (Party City) and plastic spiders (Target) from our porchlight.


Skeleton Fence (2 ft. lock-together pieces) - Dollar Tree
Bloody Foot - Dollar Tree
Tombstones - Dollar Tree

    The hand is another Dollar Tree find (I love this store!).

Here is a pic of our cemetery at night.

    The rope lights were from the last year's Christmas decor.

Spooky Window

   For our spooky window, we purchased a glow-in-the-dark full-bodied skeleton from Target and positioned a black light in front of it. The pumpkin head is a light-up table-top pumpkin (Target) perched atop a dress-form (can also use a coat rack like we did last year). It is dressed in a Jack Skellington costume. For the guy in the tux, it is simply a creepy Halloween mask and wig on top of another dress-from stand. Another black-light is positioned to the left of him. The giant glowing skull head (pictured above center) is another great buy from Dollar Tree.

And now for my FAVORITE feature of the Halloween Party!!

Madame Leota
(from The Haunted Mansion)
  Yes!! She actually talks and moves!!!

Here's what she looks like in the light:

This is what we used to put this together:

19" flat screen TV
extra large brandy glass/vase
7x7" piece of sturdy clear plastic
rubber snakes
plastic skull
black fabric
black netting

  For the directions on how to create this special effect, watch this YouTube video from Barry Belcher Art & Design. And check out his other Halloween How-To Videos, they are awesome!

   I hope you've enjoyed the pics from our Halloween party and I hope that they've helped inspire your party planning! :)

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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