Thursday, October 20, 2011

Evil Queen Pumpkin Carving Template

    So I carved my Halloween pumpkin today and here is the finished result:

    I used the pattern I found HERE. I simply printed it out then tacked it to my pumpkin with straight pins. I then traced the face by poking holes along the outlines, making sort of a dot-to-dot picture. After that, I removed the paper pattern then began connecting the dots and scraping away at the white parts. I had to be extra careful around the eyes, nose and lips. Once it was finished I decided something was missing so I added the collar to her cape freehand.

  **Tip: Spray the entire carved area with aerosol hair spray to seal it and prevent rot.

   The Evil Queen is my all-time favorite Disney Villain and I'm really happy with the outcome. :)

Happy Halloween!!

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