Friday, October 7, 2011

The Disney Diner Episode 6: Jack Skellington Makeup Tutorial Video

   Check out the newest episode of The Disney Diner on YouTube. This week's video includes a Halloween Makeup Tutorial featuring: Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Enjoy!

  For this look you will need:

  1. School Glue Stick (optional)
  2. White Face Paint
  3. Black Face Paint
  4. Black Eyeliner Pencil
  5. Black Eyeshadow
  6. Baby Powder
  7. Assorted Makeup Brushes

 For the costume you will need:

  1. Jack Skellington Costume Jacket or any other striped shirt or jacket
  2. White Shirt
  3. Black or striped pants
  4. Black bowtie or bat-shaped tie made out of fabric or other materials
  5. Hood, hat or you can spray hair with white hair paint

Happy Hauntings!!

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