Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Travel Tip: Ready, Set, GLOW!!!

    Imagine, you are all settled in your prime viewing spot with your family, anxiously awaiting the start of the Main Street Electrical Parade, when all of a sudden you see it coming...that vividly bright, glowing souvenir cart slowly emerging from the darkness with every form of blinking, spinning, flashing bit of neon known to man. And in unison, you hear your children first gasp in awe, then ask "Can we get one?" (The "we" meaning, of course, one for each of them).

   You wisely advise them to stay put while you go over and inquire about the prices which range anywhere from $8 - $16 and your knowledge of basic multiplication quickly tells you that you may have to hand over husband's entire wallet (and matching belt) in order to make everyone happy.

   So, how do you avoid this scene? With a little pre-planning and a surprise attack. :D

   Right before your trip to Walt Disney World pay a visit to your local dollar store (like Dollar Tree) or Walmart and stock up on every type of glow stick, bracelet and necklace they sell (you can even find them sold in bulk on Amazon). You will spend way less as these items are typically sold for $1 and often you will get several necklaces and bracelets in one package. You will also usually find 2 glowsticks in a pack. And with all the Halloween decor in the stores right now, this is the perfect time to purchase them (the day after Halloween is even better = SALE!).

   Don't even mention this to your kids beforehand. Just wait until you are all situated in your parade-viewing spot then whip them out of your purse, backpack or bag. They will be so surprised and excited! Let them help bend them to activate the glowing and they will be so mesmerized that they probably won't even notice when that glow cart comes around. And even if they do, they will be completely decked out in glow jewelry from head to toe that they won't even care. They'll be so excited, especially when they see Tinker Bell with her glowing wand that looks similar to theirs! :)

   I hope you've enjoyed today's Travel Tip, feel free to comment below and share some of your favorite travel tips.

  Have a Magical Trip!!