Friday, August 5, 2011

Spotlight On: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort is the perfect place to stay during your Walt Disney World vacation. This Value Resort's theme is based on several of Disney's Classic Films, past to present. You will be immersed into Tinseltown from the moment you step onto the red carpet just outside the resort's main entrance, also known as "Cinema Hall".


   As you enter the lobby, you will be greeted by the friendliest cast members welcoming you to your "new home" for the week. I'm sure your kids will love waiting in the children's area where they can enjoy Disney Movies while you check-in. Or send them over to "Reel Fun Arcade" to play a few video games to pass the time.

   As you walk out of the lobby, you will see numerous photographs displaying the elite of "Old Hollywood" including Walt himself (pictured above center).

   Across from the lobby, you will find World Premiere Food Court, more than likely you will smell the delicious aroma first.

  There are five different food stations named after famous theaters such as "The Majestic" with items from pizza and pasta to salads, burgers and wraps. I'm sure you will find something to please everyone's taste buds in this movie-themed food court. And don't forget to stop at the bakery and ice cream station for dessert!

   Next to World Premiere Food Court, you will find Donald's Double Feature which is the resort gift shop. This is where you will find everything from toiletries to Disney-logo sweatshirts.

  Just beyond Donald's Double Feature, you will find exit doors leading to the bus stop area. This is where you will get in line every morning at the designated stop for the park you are visiting that day.

   After finding your resort room, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see the theme continues inside with the bedding and wall decor.

   Check out the popcorn box lamp featured above each bed.

   The movie theme decor continues into the bathroom.


   The above diagrams show your choice of room configurations at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort.

   The main pool is The Fantasia Pool, centered just behind the main hall. You will find Sorcerer Mickey controlling the waters as he did in Fantasia.

   The second pool is The Mighty Ducks Pond. You will also find the laundry facilities located in each of the pool areas.

   There are five sections to the resort, each themed after a different Disney film: Mighty Ducks, Herbie, Fantasia/Fantasia 2000, Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians. Pictured above is the Herbie building complete with Herbie himself, giant mechanic's tools and spare tires.

   35-foot figures of Pongo and Perdita are the main icons of the 101 Dalmatians buildings. You will also find all 101 of their pups displayed among the various buildings. Don't believe me? Just count them. :D

   The Fantasia buildings are the closest to "Cinema Hall" and directly surrounding The Fantasia Pool. Giant icons from both Fantasia & Fantasia 2000 stand at attention in front of their respective buildings.

   And finally, we come to my favorite buildings. You'll feel as if you've been magically shrunk down to toy-size once you step inside the door to "Andy's Room". Here you will find all of Andy's favorite toys including Woody, Buzz, RC, Bo Peep & Rex The Dinosaur. You will also find a few other toys you may remember from your own childhood like wooden alphabet blocks, a bucket of Green Army Men and a giant checkerboard, so large you can actually sit on the checkers. The Toy Story buildings are always my first choice when staying at this resort.

   Above is a map showing where each building is located on the resort property.

   Check out this awesome video I found on YouTube from PopSong1 featuring a complete walk-through of the resort. Click below to watch now:


   Well, I hope you've enjoyed today's featured resort and I hope it's helped you with your vacation planning. You can book your resort stay and package now on or call 407-W-DISNEY.

Have a Magical Trip!!

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