Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is a FASTPASS??


   What is a FastPass ? Disney's FastPass Service allows you to hold your place in line for an attraction while you continue touring the rest of the park.

   How does it work? You simply look for a FastPass kiosk near the entrance to a ride/attraction. You get in line for one of the kiosks and when it's your turn, simply insert your park ticket or Key to the World Card into the FastPass machine. A ticket stub (your FastPass) will spit out below with the return time stamped on it. Retrieve the stub and don't forget your park ticket. You will need to do this for each member of your family/party, inserting each of their tickets into the machine as well.

   The time stamped on the FastPass stub is the time you can return to the ride/attraction and bypass the regular queue line and head directly to the FastPass queue. Be sure and keep track of the FastPass stub as you will need to show it to the Cast Member at the entrance to the FastPass queue.

   What's great about the FastPass feature is that you can ride other attractions, tour the park or enjoy a meal instead of spending that time in line. And the time stamped on the FastPass gives you a one hour window to return and ride. For example, if the time stamped is 1:10 p.m., you can return to the ride anytime between 1:10 p.m. - 2:10 p.m. (For shows, you will return at the specific showtime indicated on the FastPass).

   Here's a tip if there's a ride you just love and want to enjoy more than once: Pick up a FastPass ticket for later but still get in the regular line to ride it first.

   For example, one of our favorite rides is Toy Story Mania in Disney's Hollywood Studios but it always has a very long line. So, as soon as the park opens and everyone is rushing towards the Pixar Place area, I send my family to the regular line for Toy Story Mania while I take everyone's tickets and get in line at one of the FastPass kiosks. I insert each ticket and get a FastPass for a later time as shown on the clock above the kiosk area. Then I race over to the regular line to join my family. This allows us to ride once and since we love this ride so much (and mostly because my hubby just wants to beat my high score) we are able to ride again later using our FastPasses. We also do this for Space Mountain  in Magic Kingdom and Soarin' in Epcot (a few of our other favorite rides).  :D

   There are a few things you should know:

   1. FastPass tickets are only valid on the day they are issued.
   2. Everyone in your party entering through the FastPass entance must each have their own FastPass ticket.
   3. There's a limit to the number of Fast tickets you may have at one time. The time you can get another FastPass will be printed on the ticket. The FastPass machines will not issue you another ticket until the time stated on your current one has passed.

Here is the current list of rides/attractions that offer Disney's FastPass Service (subject to change):

Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Magic Kingdom:




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