Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sleepy Hollow: Funnel Cake Recipe


 Hidden away in the Liberty Square area of Magic Kingdom is one of our favorite stops
for a snack and a chance to sit down and cool off: Sleepy Hollow.
And although they have a variety of yummy treats on their menu,
we go there for only one reason: Funnel Cakes!

  It'll be a while before my next venture to WDW but I don't have to wait that long to bite into this delightful dessert. I can make it at home and with the following recipe so can you!

***Warning***Do not wear a black shirt when eating this sugary treat!!!***

Sleepy Hollow: Funnel Cake Recipe
*makes about 6 large funnel cakes

1 & 1/2 tablespoons baking powder
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
2 & 1/2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
vegetable oil
powdered sugar (for sprinkling)


  Mix eggs, sugar, vanilla and milk until well blended. Slowly add the flour, salt and baking powder a little at a time, stirring well. Mix until batter is smooth. If you have a funnel, that will work best but if not, you can pour some of the batter into a measuring cup or bowl that has a spout on one side (this method will make a slightly thicker funnel cake). You can also use a ladle.

  Heat 1-inch of vegetable oil on medium-high in a deep pan. While waiting for the oil to heat, prepare a plate covered with several layers of paper towels to soak up the oil after frying. Also, have the powdered sugar ready to sprinkle on the hot funnel cakes. You can use a sifter or just a large spoon.

  Once the oil is ready, drop a tiny blob of batter to see if it sizzles. If it does, then it's ready. Using your funnel, ladle or measuring cup, pour the batter into the hot oil making a thin circular outline. Quickly fill in the outline, overlaying the batter making sort of a spider web looking shape. The batter should puff immediately.

  Using a pair of kitchen tongs, quickly turn the funnel cake over as soon as one side is golden brown. After the other side has cooked, remove it from the oil and place it on top of the paper towel-lined plate. Immediately sprinkle it with a heavy layer of powdered sugar. Repeat these steps until there is no more batter. Your creation should look like this:

   I like my funnel cake with powdered sugar only but Sleepy Hollow also serves them topped with strawberries and whipped cream. And if you want more of a Churro flavor, you can sprinkle the cake with cinnamon-sugar instead of powdered sugar. Wipe off your shirt and enjoy!! :D

***UPDATE!! You can now watch this recipe being made on The Disney Diner's YouTube Channel. Click below to watch:


  1. I love Disney's funnel cake and would like to make it for my family this weekend.

    In the UK we don't use cups for measurements so I don't know what that measurement is.

    Would you be able to tell me the recipie in grames and mililires please?

    Thank you - it looks sooo yummy!!!!

    1. Sure thing its 10 grames .. And 15 mililires

  2. I would be glad too! I have listed the conversions below. Enjoy!! :)

    Baking Powder = 42 g.
    All-Purpose Flour = 250 g.
    Milk = 473 mL
    Salt = 4 g.
    Sugar = 70 g.
    Vanilla = 4.9 mL

  3. Thank you sooooo much for that!!!! I'm looking forward to making it!

    I made the Mickey Rice Krispies Treats yesterday night and they were really yummy!

  4. You're very welcome. So glad you liked them!!

  5. I am looking to make about 30 funnel cakes for an event but not sure how many times to multiply this recipe. Can you help? How many does one batch make?

  6. Hi, I'm glad you asked this question because I didn't realize the recipe was missing this information until now. It yields about 6 large funnel cakes so you'd have to increase all ingredients by 5x. I hope that helps.

    PS: I've just updated the recipe with the missing info. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention. :)

  7. Hi. I made the batter yesterday and when I tried to fry it, it bubbles then spreads into little pieces. I couldn't make a circle and fill in the circle. I could only pour it directly in the middle and let it spread. There was a lot of little pieces and crumbs. What is the exact degree the oil has to be? Thanks!

    1. How strange. Heat the oil to 375 - 400 degrees. Try making a circle then swirl in the inside, it kind of looks like a spider web.

    2. I tried it at 375 and it got burnt/browned really fast.

    3. try 360-370

  8. do you have a chocolate funnel cake recipe?

  9. i dont have baking poweder. can you tell me the measurement if i use baking soda instead

  10. This was amazing!! So so good! I felt like I was back at magic kingdom!

  11. My daughter is allergic to eggs. Is there a recipe to make these funnel cakes with out using any eggs.