Friday, July 22, 2011

My Top 5 SouvenEars from Walt Disney World!

   I love everything at WDW and have purchased a ton of souvenirs but I'd have to say the items I brought home on my last trip were my favorite.

#5: Mickey Mouse Purse

   No, this is not one of the Disney/Dooney and Bourke purses that are between $200-$300. I bought this purse at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney for about $40. It's really cute and I love the Mickey heads!

#4 Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

   I love these! We had the Disney Dining Plan and accumulated these over the week so I packed them in our bags and brought them home. It was a nice treat to have them during the week after returning, when you are back to reality and homesick for Disney. :(

#3 Mickey Kitchen Gadgets

   My kitchen theme is Mickey (I'll have to post pics one day) so every time I go to WDW I pick up a few more gadgets (or replace those that someone has broken).  : /  This time around I bought a pie cutter, spoon rest, pepper mill and toast press (red). The toast press is really cute, you press your slice of bread with it before placing the bread in the toaster then when it comes out, the face of Mickey appears on it. (Pictured in the background is a Mickey coaster holder and character coasters which was purchased on a previous trip.)

#2 Castle Fleece Blanket

   If you walk into my house on any given day, you will see this blanket strewn across one of our couches (and more than likely a person or dog curled up under it). This was a promo item during our Christmas visit to WDW. When you purchased $50 or more in a particular gift shop you could add this blanket for (I believe) $10 at the register. It is extremely soft and the design is just beautiful.

#1 Pecan-Chocolate-Caramel Apple

   This thing was HUGE!! And SOOOOO GOOD!! I bought it on our last day. We were in Downtown Disney's West Side and came across The Candy Cauldron. It's like walking into Willy Wonka Land. There are so many wonderful-looking treats to buy. I settled on this huge candy apple. It was dipped in a layer of caramel then chocolate and finally rolled in chopped pecans.  It was so hard not to eat it that day but I was determined to bring a Disney treat home for myself. I snacked on it a little bit every day for the next week and shared with no one. :D

  Well, I hope you've enjoyed my Top 5 SouvenEars from WDW. You can always check The Disney Store for some of the items sold in the theme parks (such as the kitchen gadgets) and if you can't find them there you can call Disney's Mail Order Merchandise at 407-363-6200.

  Comment if you'd like to tell us some of your favorite SouvenEars. :)


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  2. Thanks for commenting! You can always inquire about purchasing any of the items shown by calling Disney's Mail Order Merchandise phone number (as listed in the post above).