Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Memories: Mr. Potato Head Loses an Ear

   We were in Walt Disney World in 2008 shortly after Toy Story Midway Mania! opened in Disney's Hollywood Studios and before they had worked out all the glitches in the giant Mr. Potato Head Animatronic that is displayed in the queue area. He is the attraction's "carnival barker" and as we entered the queue I realized that if it wasn't amazing enough that he interacted with the audience but he could also pull out his right ear and replace it! As we wound ourselves through the metal bars making our way closer to him I noticed he had abrupt pauses in his speech then would blink for about two minutes straight. I had a feeling that this was not part of his shtick.

   Well, my feelings were spot on because shortly after the strange pauses, I watched Mr. Potato Head remove his right ear then after several attempts at replacing it, his right arm lowered in slow motion and he dropped the giant, bubble-gum pink ear on the floor with a thud. As if he shocked even himself, he stuttered a few times then began to blink uncontrollably. About two minutes later a Cast Member appeared to retrieve the ear and carried it away behind a back door. Mr. Potato Head then went into what seemed to be an "off" mode as we headed upstairs into the next queue area. We laughed about it all day. The pic below shows him with his missing ear in the middle of one of his silent, blinking fits. :D

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