Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craving Casey's Corner

  I've eaten at tons of Disney restaurants but the one that I find myself craving the most throughout the rest of the year is...[drumroll]...Casey's Corner! I know, I know it's just a quick service but I love it! If you have never heard of Casey's Corner, it is located at the very end of Main Street in Magic Kingdom (on the left when facing the castle). You'll recognize it by its baseball theme and the big "C" on the roof. They have the best corn dog nuggets I have ever eaten (and I'm from Texas, where corn dogs are part of the food pyramid). They also serve all-beef hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. And equally delicious are there skinny french fries that you can dip in the complimentary cheese sauce from the condiment bar. Yum!

  If you happen to be strolling by (and I know you will) you MUST stop in and grab some. It is the perfect place to get a quick snack right before grabbing your spot for one of the parades or Wishes. And if you happen to be around when the ragtime pianist is playing, take a seat at one of the patio tables just outside. He will definitely get your foot a-tapping.

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